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Bay Pharmacy was founded in 2005. We have gained a loyal following by treating our customers like family. It doesn't take long before we are calling you by name when you come in the door or swing through our drive-though window. We are committed to providing exceptional service at surprisingly competitive prices. Additionally, we retain an average of 98% of all prescriptions that are transferred in from our competitors. The majority of those we lose are to transfer to summer or winter homes for our customers who can't take the Texas weather year-round! Before we know it they are back "home" and get to experience our hospitality first-hand.

Our Pharmacist is Jason Pool. Jason has a degree in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Houston. He is passionate about serving his customers and it shows in his commitment to taking care of his patient's needs any time night or day. Jason says " You will not find a pharmacy anywhere that will be as committed as we are to taking care of your every need." He believes most people desire old-fashioned service but find it harder to acquire in dealing with corporate America. He worked for a large chain for eleven years but was frustrated with the inability to serve his customers in the way he knew they expected and deserved. Being his own boss and having the freedom to spend time with the customers that need him has been very professionally gratifying. He challenges anyone to find better service than what he offers because it is rarely found.

We have recently expanded our gift section and offer unique selections that cannot be found anywhere in Highland Lakes. Our prices range anywhere from six dollars to over three hundred dollars and we have anything from home decor to ladies jewelry. We have not historically been a gift destination but have changed that image over the last few months. If you live in Horseshoe Bay there is no reason to drive into Marble Falls to find that special gift. Conversely, if you live in Marble Falls or the Highland Lakes, we are worth the drive to come browse in our down-home atomsphere. We even offer free gift-wrapping for most of our gift items. Come see our latest selections!

Last Updated: 2/5/2013
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